8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Commercial Roofing Contractors Colorado

Roofing in Colorado is crucial for businesses. Not only does it protects your commercial building from the weather and other potential danger, but it also influences customer perception and impression. This is why if you are a business owner or someone who manages a commercial building, you need to hire only the best commercial roofing contractors Colorado has to offer.

However, how can you make sure that you’ll be able to hire only the best? There are many roofing contractors out there so how can you distinguish them from the others? Well, asking the right questions can help! Their response and answers will help you determine whether they’re the best fit for your roofing project or not.

But what questions should you ask a commercial roofing contractor? To help you, we’ve compiled here the eight essential questions you should ask commercial roofing contractors Colorado can offer. These questions can lead you to the right information that may help in determining whether they’re one of the best or not.

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Are you licensed and insured?

Never work with an unlicensed contractor. Their license is proof that they have the technical skills required in commercial roofing and that they are legally allowed to operate. Insurance is also what protects you as a customer.


Work only with those that have both general liability and workmen’s compensation insurance. These two cover property damage and the cost of medical expenses for work-related injuries.

Do you provide warranties?

Hire only those that provide workmanship and materials warranty. The workmanship warranty provides you with coverage against installation errors while a materials warranty provides coverage against defects in the materials used. These defects can refer to poorly manufactured seams, holes, weak areas, and other flaws caused by irregularities in the manufacturing process.

How much experience do you have in the industry?

When it comes to commercial roofing, experience is of utmost importance. The roof plays a crucial role in protecting your business so ensure to work only with contractors who already have years of proven track record in the field. In addition, commercial roofing may require specific expertise that only experienced roofers have.

What clients have you worked for before? Will you give me references?

This question is essential for you to find out whether they have experience working with commercial buildings similar to yours. Even if the roofing contractor has already been in the industry for years, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are experienced in all types of commercial roofing.


Asking for references will also enable you to check with their past customers about the quality of their work. If a roofing contractor cannot give you or are unwilling to give you references, then just continue your search elsewhere. You don’t want to work with these types of shady contractors.

What type of materials is most suitable for my building, budget, and area?

Not all roofs will work for commercial buildings in specific areas. Similarly, not all roofs are priced the same. So make sure to ask commercial roofing contractors Colorado beforehand what roofing systems and materials are most suitable for your building, your budget, and your area. They are trained in commercial roofing so they can help and guide you on this one.

How long will it take to finish the project? Will my business be able to continue operating while the project is ongoing?

Never forget to ask the commercial roofing contractors how long will it take for them to finish the project. Ask them to provide you with a clear timeline and backup plan in case of delays caused by bad weather and other unforeseen circumstances.


In addition, also ask about whether your business will be able to continue operating while the project is ongoing. The answer to this largely depends on the type of roofing project you have but to make sure, ask the contractor for clarification and advice.

How much will it cost? What is included in the project?

This is perhaps one of the most important questions to ask commercial roofing contractors Colorado can offer. Ask how much it will cost you and what are the inclusions to that. Generally, the cost will depend on the scope of the project, the roofing materials that will be used, and the complexity of the job.

Ask the roofing contractor to give you an itemized estimate so you’ll know exactly what is charged to you and how much each item costs. Roofing is an investment so make sure you know where every cent of your investment goes.

How will you protect my property during the roofing works?

Roofing can be damaging to properties if handled poorly. With this, ask the roofing contractor about how will they protect your building during the roofing work. Will they use tools and equipment? How will they securely and safely handle the roofing materials? Will they also clean up? Hire only those that have the right equipment and systems in place.

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