Top 4 Signs You Need Siding Repair

Your siding is what people notice first about your home so maintaining it can help improve curb appeal. In addition, it also functions as a weather barrier that protects your home from nature’s elements. This is why when it’s damaged, you need to call a professional siding repair contractor and have them repaired right away. But when can you say that your siding needs repair? This blog post can help you.

We’ll discuss some of the signs that indicate your siding is damaged and needs repair. Knowing these signs can help you detect and tackle the siding issue early on before they can cause significant damage to your property and warrant costly siding replacement. So make sure to read this article to the end to know what exactly you should keep an eye out for.

Siding Repair

1. Cracked Siding

Once your siding has cracks, water can easily penetrate inside the siding making them more vulnerable to water damage. In addition, insects and molds can also enter or grow and make themselves at home inside the siding panels. If you have wood siding panels, these insects can eat away your siding. So to avoid this, have your siding repaired once you notice cracks. Have your siding contractor close the gaps either by patching them up or by removing and replacing the affected panel/s.

2. Warped Appearance

Visible warp on the surface of your siding is a sign that it has sustained considerable damage and will have to be repaired right away. Warping usually occurs due to sharp temperature changes or when the water has penetrated the insides of your siding panels. So long as the warping only affects a certain area or spot in your siding, repairs are still possible and sufficient. You don’t have to totally replace them right away. Just have your siding contractor remove and replace the affected siding panels.

3. Dents and Tiny Holes

Dents and holes can be caused by a variety of things. It could be by a hailstorm or a piece of rock striking the siding. Regardless of the reason, you can easily fix them by patching the dents or holes to close them. Or you can just also remove and replace the affected siding panels, so long as it is only isolated to one or a few panels. Because if it already affects almost the entirety of the siding, a total replacement may be the best option instead. So before it leads to that, once you notice a few dents and holes, contact a siding repair contractor and have them repair your siding right away.

4. Minimal Mold Buildup

Mold grows and builds up due to moisture that penetrates the siding. If left ignored, it can cause significant damage not just to your siding but also to your home in general. However, once you notice them growing, it doesn’t mean you have to totally replace your entire siding right away. So long as the mold buildup is only minimal and affects only a certain spot or area, you can still get it fixed. 


Hire a professional siding repair contractor to help you determine the cause of the build-up first to find out exactly where the water is coming in. Once that is identified, let your contractor properly remove the moldy siding panel and replace it with a new one.

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